Security & Protection

Ziewers Wintergarten offers you a reliable security winter garden.

Due to the increasing security needs in the field of ​​winter gardens as well as windows and doors, it is possible to equip your Ziewers winter garden with the highest security technology.

You have the choice:

  • Burglar-resistant glass in various classes (solid laminated glass)
  • Reinforced frame construction
  • Reinforced burglar-resistant fittings
  • Reinforced and screwed glazing beads
  • Lockable handles
  • Alarm contacts on all openings connecting to the alarm system
  • Alarm-protected glazing
  • Security and protection
  • Security roller shutters

Solid laminated safety glass provides enormous protection against burglary. The individual glass panes consist of two to six individual glasses, which are connected by one or more resistant films. This has the great advantage that the glass cannot be broken with normal tools in the event of an attempted break-in, making it almost impossible to break in!

  • Triple laminated safety glass Ug 0.6/35dB
  • Burglar-proof safety glass
  • VSG3.3.1/Argon/4/Argon/VSG3.3.1
    (7mm laminated safety glass coated / inter-pane argon / 4mm glass / inter-pane argon / 7mm laminated safety glass coated)
  • Ug-value – 0.6 W/qmK according to DIN EN 673
  • Sound insulation value: Rw 35dB in accordance with DIN EN 410
  • The maximum size of a glass package is 4.0 m²

When it comes to security, the increased profile plays a crucial role. When buying a security conservatory, not only the investment costs, but also the benefits and quality are very important points. Furthermore, reinforced profiles make unwanted access extremely difficult. The reinforced fittings are an extremely important part of security solutions. The safety profiles are immediately included in a high-quality Ziewers Wintergarten.

Winter garden with basic security as standard

You decide how high your security requirements are. Something is broken into almost every two minutes. Windows and French doors are the preferred “way” into the house or apartment. Ziewers Wintergarten has therefore placed particular emphasis on high security in the standard version of winter garden.

Basic Security – standard with Ziewers Wintergarten (excluding special shapes)

  • Mushroom pins at all locking points
  • Basic security with 2 security locking plates
  • Misoperation lock integrated as standard
  • Sash lifter standard

Safety Level D (excluding special shapes)

Fittings with gear drilling protection and four mushroom pins. When designed in accordance with tested WK1 elements (DIN V ENV 1627 – 1630), laminated safety glass and a lockable handle are required.

Safety Level E (excluding special shapes)

Fittings with gear drilling protection and all-around locking as specified. When designed in accordance with tested WK2 elements (DIN V ENV 1627 – 1630), burglary-resistant glazing on the outside, a secured glass attachment (e.g., screwed glazing beads), and a lockable security handle are required.

Lockable handles offer additional security and prevent the window handle from being twisted or torn off from the rose body up to a torque of 100 Nm. Their high level of mechanical security offers good protection against burglarys and unwanted opening from the inside, e.g. by children.

A safe feeling right from the start.
All security levels of the winter gardens and verandas can also be equipped with a modern alarm system. Be it with a glass break detector or with locking and opening monitoring. It is recommended to combine the desired alarm contacts directly with the entire house system. Optimal burglary protection should be taken into account when planning your winter garden or renovation. This investment will definitely pay off and give you a feeling of security.

  • Certified burglary protectionQuality of life and living comfort need a good framework. The feeling of security within your own four walls is definitely part of it. Ziewers Wintergarten security roller shutters make an effective contribution to this. Reinforced components that are secured against dismantling also impressed an independent testing institute: the product was certified with a recognized test seal for burglary-resistant effects.
    Opportunity makes thieves. A closed roller shutter also offers effective protection against unwanted intruders. The optimal Ziewers Wintergarten safety package with reinforced end strips and anti-lift protection lets you sleep even more peacefully.
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