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Our Team

  • What drives us
    Since the company’s founding in 1983, customer enthusiasm has been the top priority for Ziewers Wintergarten.
    The enthusiasm of all our motivated employees and business partners creates the basis for satisfied customers.
    Depending on the task, new, individual solutions are constantly created in close communication with the customer. A high level of expertise and a willingness to innovate on one hand, as well as a trusting relationship with customers, employees and suppliers on the other, form the basis for our long-term and successful existence on the market.
    The customer’s complete satisfaction is the ultimate goal. We are there to support you professionally right from the start and, in addition to first-class product quality, we offer you a full service in making your dream home a reality: from the design to planning with all additional work.
    Even after implementation, we are always there for you. Customer service is a given, be it for maintenance or professional cleaning.


  • Product quality:
    Ziewers Wintergarten places high demands on itself and its employees, but also on all partners and suppliers. Only products that are absolutely convincing and innovative in terms of quality are considered.
    In addition to quality, other very important components for Ziewers Wintergarten are safety, comfort, ease of care, innovation and longevity. Those are our clear conditions for cooperation.


  • Innovation:
    Comfort, safety and longevity are three aspects that, alongside design and functionality, are becoming increasingly important when purchasing a residential conservatory, summer garden or patio cover. At Ziewers Wintergarten you can trust us in valuing ​​the continuous development of individual products and safety.


  • Building Process and adherence to deadlines:
    Ziewers Wintergarten impresses with its promise of reliable project completion. We give customers the security of all high-quality products being assembled on time, cleanly, reliably and professionally.
    We attach great importance to the extremely careful handling of your entire property.
    Continuous training for all employees guarantees you the highest level of professional competence. After all work has been completed, after the inspection has been carried out and after the invoice amount has been paid in full, you will receive a free professional final cleaning. That’s a promise!


  • We’re here for you:
    Even after your order has been carried out, we are always here for you.
    We are only satisfied if you are ecstatic. This is precisely why we offer you annual professional maintenance and cleaning. If, in very rare cases, you need something from us even after years, we will take care of it immediately.


Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Sommer- & Wohnwintergarten.



In 1983, Werner Ziewers began working independently with windows, doors, roller shutters and roof glazing in the Eifel village of Kliding.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Sommer- & Wohnwintergarten.


First winter garden

The first winter garden was built in 1986 in collaboration with a large window manufacturer.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Construction elements Ziewers GmbH

It quickly became clear that windows and doors cannot be compared with a functional winter garden. After much thought and enthusiasm, “Bauelemente Ziewers GmbH” was founded in 1991 by the two brothers Alfred and Werner Ziewers. It was probably unique at this time that a company's full concentration was on high-quality winter gardens. This philosophy has been further expanded so that Ziewers can provide you with everything related to the entire winter garden with just one contact person. All necessary and desired craftsmen are available to the customer after a precise appointment has been made.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.



In 1996, what were probably the largest winter garden exhibitions at the time were set up in the two locations in Kliding and Plascheid.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Insect protection production

In 1998, insect protection production was set up in Plascheid.

Ausstellung Luxemburg - Ziewers Wintergarten


Winter exhibition

In 2000, the first winter garden exhibition in Luxembourg was built by Ziewers Wintergarten.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Living winter garden ev

In 2003, Ziewers Wintergarten GmbH became a member of the Residential Winter Garden Association „Wohn-Wintergarten ev“.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Own Ziewers winter garden edition

In 2005, another unprecedented specialization was undertaken. Ziewers Wintergarten developed and presented its own “Ziewers Winter Garden Edition”.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Energy saving winter garden

In 2008 the development of the energy-saving winter garden was completed. The Ziewers Wintergarten edition has been expanded to include a passive house and a low-energy house winter garden.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Jochen Korz, Geschäftsleitung


Entry into management

Introduction of modern CAD programs and implementation of quality management. Jochen Korz has joined the management.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Sommer- & Wohnwintergarten.


Ziewers winter garden world

In January 2011, the unique winter garden world of Ziewers Wintergarten in Kliding (near Bad Bertrich) was opened.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Thermal insulation regulations

In collaboration with the Federal Winter Garden Association in Berlin, all highly thermally insulated profiles were developed and successfully introduced in line with the 2014 Thermal Insulation Ordinance in 2013.



Modern Design & Lounge Line

In 2014, Ziewers Wintergarten presented the latest trends in conservatory design and expanded its range to include the modern Design and Lounge Line conservatories.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Kreativ Modern



In 2015, another exhibition was opened in L-6776 Grevenmacher / Potaschberg.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.



In 2016, the innovative Panorama Lounge was developed.

Ziewers Wintergarten - Alles rund um den Wintergarten.


Presentation of the Panorama-Lounge

2017 Presentation of the Panorama Lounge at the exhibition in Kliding.

Creative Line von Innen - Ziewers Wintergarten


New Creative Line winter garden in Potaschberg
Ziewers Wintergarten - Allround Markise


Ziewers all-rounder awning
Ziewers Wintergarten - Bodenarbeiten Bagger Rüttelplatte


Ziewers Wintergarten garden starts with the construction of floor slabs

The same applies then as now: Come to Ziewers Wintergarten, your competent partner for the design and use of your dream winter garden.

Ziewers Wintergarten