Energy & Climate

With a winter garden you not only gain natural light, space and closeness to nature. It also works like a large storage tank for solar heat, thus reducing the need for conventional heat supply.

You can achieve a pleasant climate in your winter garden by using the right sun protection in front of the windows. And privacy protection is also guaranteed with roller shutters, external blinds and textile screens from Ziewers Wintergarten, without having to miss out on the view outside, because the innovative systems are equipped with numerous functions that can be upgraded and retrofitted. Everything so that you feel safe and protected within the comfort of your home.
When it comes to your home, you want what’s best for you. Top quality, maximum safety and exceptional comfort.

  • Roller shutters increase the feeling home and reduce energy consumption.
    External blinds: Private remains private and you can still enjoy natural light in your winter garden.


  • With external blinds you can manage the daylight according to your wishes. External blinds are visually appealing and ultra-modern. Automatically controlled external blinds contribute significantly to energy savings, achieve a high level of summer heat protection and therefore pleasantly cooled rooms.


  • Fixscreen, the first vertical awning that is actually windproof. Thanks to a sophisticated zipper system, the Fixscreen® is windproof in any position and insect-proof when closed. Fixscreen®, the technological masterpiece in terms of comfort and ease of use.
    Design your winter garden according to your needs. Get the best advice from Ziewers Wintergarten.
Ziewers Wintergarten