Comfort & freedom

Light and space in its most beautiful form.

  • Functionality and aesthetics.
    A feeling of peace and security, an enormous increase in space for your house and a comfortable climate are the advantages that a Ziewers Wintergarten offers you.
    In addition to this, it gives you the freedom to create something unique and special out of your home.


  • Light brings a special joy into your life.
    The special thing about your own winter garden is the natural light spectrum.
    This means that you and your loved ones always have the optimal lighting conditions which is extremely valuable. No matter how you want to use your feel-good winter garden – It gives you a great deal of freedom.


  • Close to nature and pure relaxation.
    Enjoy a completely new form of living and lifestyle: lots of sun and light, great views of nature and certainly the most used room in the house. Let your soul unwind and recharge your batteries.


  • Family vacation every day.
    Don’t you ever dream of escaping everyday life and taking a relaxing vacation? Your personal winter garden makes it possible. Simply change rooms without any hassle and you’ll find yourself in your own private holiday oasis. Whether you’re soaking up the sun while reading a great book, inviting friends over for dinner, playing board games with your loved ones or taking a nap in complete relaxation, your light-flooded winter garden always provides the right space for it.
Ziewers Wintergarten