Everything about the winter garden

Ziewers Wintergarten offers you optimal all-round service.

In addition to the long-term guarantee of Ziewers Wintergarten, we offer you a lifelong comprehensive maintenance contract.

This includes:

  • Inspection and maintenance of all moving parts.
  • Checking the individual functions.
  • Maintenance of individual fittings.
  • Cleaning the drainage caps.
  • Checking the seals.
  • Checking the tightness and the contact pressure.
  • Checking the gutter for cleanliness.
  • Checking the individual shadings.
  • Checking the lighting.

Just as you would automatically bring your car to an inspection; with your winter garden maintenance contract, Ziewers Wintergarten automatically comes to you once a year. If you want to enjoy your winter garden on the long term, you should have it inspected annually. Regular maintenance increases its service life. As positive side effects, you save energy costs, increase your quality of living and quality of life and receive a visual upgrade.

You can also have your conservatory professionally cleaned at the same time.

Have your conservatory professionally cleaned by Ziewers Wintergarten.

You decide how often you would like to have your conservatory cleaned each year. We recommend at least twice a year.
Many Ziewers customers treat their conservatory to an optimal maintenance in the spring with a professional cleaning at the same time and another cleaning in autumn.

Have you had bad luck with your conservatory manufacturer?

Or have you ended up with a so-called window company that thinks it can also build a conservatory? Even in that case, we won’t let you down!

  • Do you want to renovate your conservatory thoroughly?
  • Do you want to renovate your winter garden conscientiously?
  • Or do you want to optimally modernize your conservatory?

Ziewers Wintergarten will provide you with competent and reliable support in all these matters.
We will assess your conservatory together with you and draw up a concept for the refurbishment, renovation or modernisation of your conservatory.

All the work that is done around your winter garden, you will receive from “one single source”. Call us or send an email to:
We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

Construction management and overall coordination of your conservatory:

“Everything, really everything from a single source”

Ziewers Wintergarten takes care of all the ancillary work that is of particular importance to you during the construction of your conservatory.
Ziewers Wintergarten’s more than 40 years of experience (since 1983) guarantees you the certainty that there will be no unpleasant surprises during the planning or construction phase of your conservatory.

This includes:

  • Optimised design planning in line with your wishes.
  • Reliable fixed price calculation.
  • Precise detailed measurements.
  • Preparation of the construction documents.
  • Drawing up a construction schedule with monitoring of all trades.

These are: Foundation work, bricklaying, screed and laying of the floor covering, heating, lighting, shading, electrical work, carpentry, through to complete furnishing and landscaping.

  • The entire realisation.
  • The final inspection.
  • The entire service.
  • Lifelong maintenance and cleaning contract.

You decide what you want and Ziewers Wintergarten will carry it out according to your wishes. That’s what we mean by “everything from a single source”. That’s a promise!

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